The Marine Seahorse is based on the Seahorse Data Supervisor software which is the backbone of the Concept.

This software has two missions :

the first to acquire the internal or external data, to do this it has its own ETL integrated its, acquisition modules and a TCP/IP receiver.

the second is to transfer real-time processed data to SEAHORSE softwares and transmit data to external software by TCP/IP server.

The intranet, nervous system of the barge

Seahorse Data Supervisor directly relies  on the Intranet network and allows global and homogeneous processing of the information of your barge. It totally integrates the Doilliver architectural model, elected by new management organizations.

Maximal performances

Seahorse Data Supervisor's heart is constituted of two servers, connected on the Intranet network. The first is a standard "Web" IIS server, which gives access to all documents of the installation (texts, Wifi, ). The second server is the event-driven engine of Seahorse Data Supervisor, ensuring real time acquisition, piloting and data processing. The process part is separated from the documents part in order to ensure maximum performances.

Acquisition  and piloting, maximal availability

Seahorse Data Supervisor acquisition and piloting server offers the complete support of the Microsoft industrial standard OPC, thus allowing the connecting of practically all the PLCs and remote I/O  of the market. Standard OPC is in particular offered. Seahorse Data Supervisor also offers the direct access to TCP-IP for the realization of free protocols.

At every level of the architecture, devices allow the placing of redundancy: redundancy of the acquisition servers, re - routing IP of the Intranet server, etc. These devices can be completed by appropriate material / software architectures for the system of stocking (RAID technology) or for the operating system (" Clustering ") intended to maximize the availability of the system.

Direct Database connectivity

Seahorse Data Supervisor integrates components of interface ODBC offering complete access to the data bases of the market (ORACLE, SYBASE, MYSQL, SQL-SERVER,...). The development of applications is done in any independence of the other applicatifs bound to data bases that favors deployment and evolutions.

A great ease of deployment

Relying on the Intratnet architecture, the connection of a new Seahorse Data Supervisor station requires no specific network configuration nor installation for more or less complex management operations. Only the possible rights of access of the operator should be taken into account. To that technical simplicity adds commercial flexibility : the essential factor is the number of users connected to the server at a given time (floating licences), that allows a fully independent management of the computers : deployment redeployment.

A natural remote access

The remote operator is connected in complete safety on the Intranet network or using the worldwide Internet with firewall. He  can thus optain local information on the installation or in-put such information (remote diagnosis before intervention, consultation of the current treatments and recorded data, logging-in of quality control results, …). Significant savings in time and/or displacements.

Integrated restricted high performance database access through standard SQL

Using ETL high performance access to databases is available, as required, and an easy interface with ERP systems (SAP, Baan, Ross, etc.). Access to the database is effected by a "component" connected via a highly effective viewing program. The ETL component authorises SQL requests to most of the common databases (DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, Dbase, etc.) and/or ERP systems (SAP, Baan, etc.).

Built-in mechanisms direct the real time information you select (measurements, checks) towards the pre-set tables in the database or created by the database for operating formula management or the control of automatic recording devices. Seahorse Data Supervisor provides integrated tools for using these data which facilitate the concrete loading of applications.

Software interface

data Survey Navipac, Subsea,Winfrog

Kongsberg Simrad DP 

Wonderware, Citect, Induscreen

PTI Group

Data Manufacturer data ( vallourec, Sumitomo, etc…)

Seahorse laser,




Seahorse Buoy

OPC Server

NMEA 183,

AIS protocol,

Electronic Data Interchange

Web EDI Server

Internet /AS2

Input / Output

RS 232 / RS 485 / RS 422 


Modbus/ Jbus


RFID sensor

Camera Real time

ETL Generator

access, excell,dbase,foxpro

Oracle, SAP ERP, ERP

Sybase, Db2, AS400, 

Unix, Qnx 

My SQL, SQL Server 

Text, csv, etc….


Server HP Proliant  19" 

Raid 5 Storage 1 Tera O

Backup  2 Tera O 


UPS 19"

Printer A3 Color

Software inclued

Windows Server 2008 , 

Server IIS





No video








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