The Principle general of SEAHORSE MANAGER

In accordance with the recommendations of the Alimentarius Codex the implementation of SEAHORSE MANAGER is articulated in three phases :

Phase of identification of the dangers, consists in computerizing the analysis and the control of the dangers (method HACCP) directly starting from the plan of your process of manufacture, in order to identify them associated data with various flows matters and produced, essential in the event of plan of withdrawal or recall. (Software TOPAZ)

 Phase of identification of flows, is based on coding GS1 (EAN128), will allow to optimize and to make safe so much reception that forwarding. (Software SAPPHIRE).

 Once these two preparatory phases completed, SEAHORSE MANAGER generates application of traceability clean with your company, with your specificities trade and with your constraints. (Software RUBY)

The result of this installation ensures you:

  • · The installation of your commercial and industrial management
  • · plans of withdrawal and plans of recall in real time.
  • · editions of the labels parcel, pallets (EAN128).
  • · Bonds with your accountancy
  • · Management EDI (in option)
  • · The dynamic management of stocks. (inventory real time)
  • · The respect of the standards and regulatory or commercial obligations (YEWS).


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