SEAHORSE MANAGER for FOOD INDUSTRY is a total ERP including lawful traceability allowing to manage physical flows and the associated data, of the reception of the batches until the preparation of the orders and their labelling for forwarding.

SEAHORSE MANAGER manages simultaneously:

 the Haccp plan,

 commercial management

 production control real time

 stock management

 the traceability of manufacture and conditioning

 the logistic traceability


SEAHORSE MANAGER offers all the flexibility to build your dynamic solution and interactive of traceability in accordance with the international regulation in strength

Our solutions make it possible to implement various applications in a progressive way and according to a tested methodology:

SEAHORSE MANAGER, it is' integration of a flexible and non intrusive traceability.

SEAHORSE MANAGER makes it possible to integrate the elements of this existing.

It is the guarantee that your choice does not represent a constraint for the choices to come.

The SEAHORSE MANAGER concept is based on the principle of the marker of event per following label: With each stage a label codes bar is generated and allows ensures the bonds of traceability.

The continuation SEAHORSE MANAGER be used as simply as an office automation software.

The solution SEAHORSE MANAGER you a perfect conformity with the regulation guarantees.

The figuring of the various complementary services was established starting from information we have to date. However, if after a detailed analysis, it arose from the points not indexed in the proposal below or from the alternatives compared to the models presented, those would be quantified in addition.

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