The system is primarily used to position a buoy next to an anchor. The basic system consists of a laser-scanning unit mounted on a motorised yoke that can rotate 360º at up to 50º per second. The Seahorse laser can measure to a range of 3,000 m to within an accuracy of ±10 cm using a vertical 20º fan of pulsed light produced

by a multiple array of semiconductor laser diodes in combination with special optics.

Pulses reected from a retro-reector mounted on a rig or a vessel are timed and multiplied by the speed of light to give distance. The electro-optical encoder is read at the time the reected pulse is received to determine the bearing.

An AutoTilt mechanism incorporated into the yoke of the Seahorse Laser allows the laser-scanning head to be adjusted by ±15º giving a total beam range of -25º to +25º.

the detection is automatic with option in the seahorse mooring offshore.








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