The Seahorse Mooring revolutionizes the mooring process SEAHORSE MOORING software is a cartography software.
It integrates marine maps under the format DXF of Autocad.
The software SEAHORSE MOORING exists under fours versions:

SEAHORSE MOORING PROJECT version is designed for project engineering development . The user performs all necessary simulations and archives them under different files according to the project phases

SEAHORSE MOORING OFFSHORE REAL TIME version are updates all values in real time.

SEAHORSE MOORING OFFSHORE PROJECT is being developed for use on board lay barges as decision aid tool during pipelay operations.


The barge Editor is a software for modelize the barge


  • Calculation of the distribution of cost 
  • Calculation of the irregular swell of the typical PIERSON MOSKOWITZ modified 
  • Calculation of the dynamic overvoltage Simulation of rupture of a line of anchor 
  • Calculation of the displacement of the barge linked to the rupture EXTERNALS ELEMENTS 
  • direction of waves height of waves period of waves 
  • direction of the current force of the current 
  • direction of the wind force of the wind 

This module is a add - one to the main software, its advantage is power to simulate in real time the rupture of a line of anchor, calculation asked by the Client .

The new version of the Barge Editor integrates elements of the necessary barge to calculations.


  • PROJECT : Version 8.0.x
  • OFFSHORE REAL TIME : Version 8.0.x
  • OFFSHORE PROJECT : Version 8.0.x
  • READER : Version 8.0.x

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