RUBY : software of creation and management of your traceability. It offers the characteristics , the functionalities and the flexibility to you of which you have need to build your scenarios of traceability. This product includes the professional tools of design, creation, treatment of data and publication necessary to the development of your dynamic and interactive solution. Vega is used as simply as an office automation software and does not require any training of data processing specialist. RUBY carries out your application of traceability in the environment dowry Net, architecture software of third generation of Microsoft.

 RUBY profits from a powerful interface associated with a catch in very intuitive hand and an ergonomics without fault.

 Extremely convivial, the RUBY editor has a multitude of functions which will allow as well the users beginners as at the professionals working quickly.

 The procedures of Control are accessible on line, what reinforces the training of your personnel and facilitates the work of the temporary ones

 You can create to you even your scripts (forms of question/response or seizure) of traceability it is as simple as to use Office of Microsoft:

 Your process is in constant evolution, the traceability must be able to adapt immediately. It is the case with TRACEABILITY SEAHORSE the forms is carried out in a few minutes and is on line in real time thanks to the preset functions of traceability.



The module RUBY configure your application without having automatically recourse to a data processing specialist for that you have various tools with knowing:

 · Answer question

· Laser reading Bar code GTIN SSCC EAN128 EAN13

· Impression of label Bar code EAN/UCC

· Bursting /Assembly of Batches

· Haccp procedure

· Calculation

· Stock management

· Temperature telemetry, Balances, RFID

· Commercial management SAPPHIRE

· Connection with your existing bases


The various sensors are connectable to have information in real time for example:

· Temperatures

· Balances

· Pressures

Connection this fact is:

· Directly

· Since an automat

· Since a case of distribution



A powerful editor of labelling is included in module RUBY. The variable data are directly related to your script of traceability.

The number of models of labels is thus unlimited. You can create a model by customer.

Models AUCHAN, CARREFOUR, LECLERC etc are accessible by defect out of standard.


LITE : Version

SERVER : Version

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