SAPPHIRE: Software of commercial management and stocks type GS1.

It manages:

 Nomenclatures GS1 (matter, semi-finished product, product).

 Purchase orders

 Goods of preparation

 Delivery orders

 Bonds with accountancy (in option)


· Drive Fournisseur GLN

· Customer card GLN

· Card-index Transporteur

· Drive Matière GTIN

· Card-index Produit GTIN

· Schedules of conditions suppliers

· Stock management

· Edition of the labels parcel

parcel stand

variable parcel weight

· Edition of the labels pallets

standard and homogeneous

not-standard and homogeneous

Heterogeneous not standard

the software is delivered with an editor of label

· to publish the purchase orders

· to publish the goods of preparation

· to publish the delivery orders

· to make the bringings together (in option)

· to manage stock (in option)

· to generate exchanges EDI (in option)


LITE : Version

SERVER : Version

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Coming Soon

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