Many companies find themselves wondering what goes on in their customers’ heads. We prefer to focus on what we can do so that you have as little as possible on your mind, at least when you are surfing working on your PC. In fact, we believe you should be able to do that at any time without ever having to worry or think too hard about it.

On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to a few of the customers for whom we were able to provide peace of mind, and explain how we did it.



First Mission : To federate information

Optimum Consulting has developed the"Data  SUPERVISOR" real "black Box" the barge, it is the indispensable partner conversing with all types of software ( Survey Posit, Kongsberg .....)
Dated The Supervisor processes, analysis, stocks the totality of given them all seconds.
Modules "Field engineer" make reports in automatic to formats word, excell.

Second Mission : To provide tools to realize the pose in all security

The software "Mooring  Real Time" calculation and visualizes the anchoring  in real  time by allowing all simulation sortsThe software "Pipe Tracking" manages the data "pipe"The software "Time Recording" detects and optimizes times of soldering by bench pose, by these powerful algorithms of statistic.The software "JLAY Monitoring" optimizes the pose in J

Third Mission : To provide to the Client a complete pose file.

At the end  the countryside of puts the computerized file is available for the Client.


Like the "Pack Office of Microsoft", the concept Seahorsecreates by Optimum Consulting is a totality of compatible softwarebetween them, opened to files and external applications,we have appointed this continuation of software:"Seahorse Concept"


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