The continuation SEAHORSE MANAGER articulate yourself around four softwares:

TOPAZ : the behaviour supplements your Haccp step, acquisition the data to the edition of the Qualité handbook and the procedures and processes induced. This software can be used only or coupled with the three following.

Software expert of analysis of the dangers, of prevention and monitoring, conformément with the recommendations of Codex Alimentarius WHO, which rests on knowledge bases by dies.

TOPAZ facilitate the identification and the control of the risks of each establishment and allows to identify the whole of the dangers. By integrating the plan of the buildings, it assists in the follow-up of the 7 principles and of the 12 stages of the Haccp plan, publishes a personalized plan, ensures the document management and proposes corrective actions.



 to identify the dangers and its origins
 to set up measurements of control
 to determine the CCP, by the method of the AMDEC or the decision tree
 to fix the critical points
 to set up measurements of monitoring and measurements corrective
 to constitute diagrams of the operations


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SERVER : Version

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